Women’s Prison Announced Full

Mia Tamarin has been detained twice in military prison since signing the Shministim declaration of refusal and was again sentenced to 21 days for the third time on 10, Nov. 2008.

The military authorities however delayed the necessary bureaucratic procedures and have not yet sent her to prison. They claim the women’s prison where Mia was meant to be detained is full and unable to accommodate another inmate. They have now announced that Mia’s status is that of “confined base” and she has been ordered to report every morning to the Induction Base for the duration of her sentence instead of being sent to prison.

This seems an uncharacteristic action by the Israeli military and could indicate that it is changing its policies, temporarily at least, to avoid sending declared conscientious female objectors to prison, perhaps in response to growing publicity of the Shministim cause. 

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