Yuval Ophir-Auron Receives Third Sentence

Yuval Ophir-Auron Receives Third Sentence

CO Yuval Ophir-Auron was sentenced on yesterday (14 Dec.) to 21 days in military prison for his refusal to serve in the Israeli military. This is Yuval’s third prison sentence in under a month. After being released from his second prison sentence Yuval spent just one day of freedom before he was recalled by the Israeli military and sentenced again. He is due out of prison on 2 Jan. His prison address is:

    Yuval Ophir-Auron
    Military ID 5919241
    Military Prison No. 6
    Military Postal Code 01860, IDF
    Fax: ++972-4-9540580

Since the prison authorities often block mail from reaching imprisoned objectors, we also recommend you to send your letters of support and encouragement to the imprisoned (and otherwise detained) objectors via e-mail to shministim@gmail.com, and they will be printed out and delivered to them during visits.

Yuval joins Tamar Katz and Raz Bar-David Varon, who are held in the military prison for women. To the best of our knowledge there have been no developments re the conditions in which Tamar Katz is held.

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