Shministim 2010

n63347377034_8932A new group of Shministim has formed. Their letter of refusal, has already been signed by 88 young Israelis.

Learn more about the Shministim of 2010 here:

Join the Shministim 2010 facebook group.

Read what Haaretz has to say about them:
12th graders tell Netanyahu: We refuse to serve in IDF (Haaretz, Oct 12, 2009)

If you read Hebrew, you an check out these additional news items:

שמיניסטים סרבנים 2009: “לא נשתתף בדיכוי”
Shministim refusers of 2009: We will not take part in the oppression (Ynet, Oct 12 2009)

601872-5מכתב השמיניסטים: “צה”ל הוא צבא הכיבוש”
The Shministim letter: The IDF is an occupation army (Walla, Oct 12, 2009)

ה88 בני נוער לנתניהו: מסרבים לקחת חלק במערכת הצבאית
88 young people to Netatanyahu: We refuse to serve in the IDF (Haaretz, Oct 12, 2009)

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