Protest in support of refusers Alon Gurman and Noam Gur

Dozens gathered in the entrance to Tel Hashomet military base, where Noam Gur and Alon Gurman were to be imprisoned for refuring to serve in the Israeli army , in their words due to:

We, Noam Gur and Alon Gurman, hereby declare that we will not do that which is been forced on us by the state, and will refuse to join the Israeli army.

our refusal comes as a protest action against the oppression and dispossession of the Palestinians by the Israeli army, as a part of the policies of Israel both in the territories occupies in 67 and those occupied in 48. we are committed to the values of equality, liberty and promotion of a just peace, and believe that this policy of occupation and dispossession of Israel towards the Palestinians hurts any possibility for the existence of a just peace and democracy in the region. We emphasise that as long as Israel continues to revoke the collective and individual liberty of the Palestinians, we will continue to act against it’s policies.

Alon Gurman (19) was sent to an army psychologist that, although Alon told him he if mentally fit and is refusing as a political act, decided to recommend Alon’s release, and he was sent home awaiting a final decision by the military.

Noam Gur was sentenced to 10 days in prison, and was transferred to military prison number 600 the following day (17.4.2012).

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